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Literature Profs Take Up Entrepreneurship 30/12/2009

Posted by Aykut ARIKAN in Uncategorized.

Literature Profs Take Up Entrepreneurship:

“Apparently some literature professors are joining the fray and bringing their expertise to understanding the role of entrepreneurship in the economy and society. Interesting piece By Scott Jaschik from Inside Higher Education. Here is a snippet that is a small part of the story, but that I find very interesting:

At Illinois, Hutner recently started a course that suggests some of the ways economic analysis may expand literary studies. The course is on the entrepreneurial imagination, looking at literature about entrepreneurs. Some works may be expected — such as the Horatio Alger story or Andrew Carnegie’s autobiography. Other selections challenge the traditional representation of the business world. For example, Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s What Diantha Did is an early feminist look at starting a business. And Fanny Hurst’s Imitation of Life, long read for its focus on racial “passing,” is also “very much about how to start a business,” Hutner said.

While entrepreneurs may get lauded in business schools and overlooked or criticized in English departments, Hutner said, it’s time to pay attention to economic issues in literature.

I have not taken any literature courses since high school but wonder if Dickens, Shakespeare, Twain, Hemingway, Steinbeck, have much to offer that would provide insight into entrepreneurship? We are talking literature here, not Ayn Rand.”



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