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5 goodies from The Times 07/01/2010

Posted by Aykut ARIKAN in Uncategorized.

From Dan Pink:


Stuck on an airplane this morning, I had a chance to read today’s New York Times almost from cover to cover. (Ink on paper is a pretty good technology, no? — Ed.) Five stories, most of them small and easily overlooked, made me think, smile, or wince.

1. Person of the day. When retailer H&M couldn’t sell certain pieces of clothing, it mutilated the perfectly good garments and tossed them into a dumpster. Graduate student Cynthia Magnus found out, was appalled, and suggested to the company that this practice was wasteful. When her pleas went unanswered, she alerted the Times — and, lo and behold, H&M announced yesterday that it would donate unworn clothing to charity.

2. Obvious idea of the day. Maybe it makes more long-term sense to spend taxpayer dollars on schools and universities than on prisons and wars. The unlikely tag team of Schwarzenegger and Kristof make the case.

3. Dubious idea of the day. Instant coffee laced with skin-enhancing collagen?

4. Good hire of the day. The great Bill Moggridge is going to head the Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum. Awesome choice.

5. Letter of the day. On Sunday, the Times’s David Carr wrote a long article about the countless virtues and inevitable staying power of Twitter. In today’s Letters section, Boomer Pinches (Love the name! -Ed.) of Northampton, Mass., offers his response: “I very much enjoyed the first 140 characters of David Carr’s article, ‘Why Twitter Will Endure.’”



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