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YEMEN AS A NEW FRONT… 07/01/2010

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From Deniz Tansi International:

Last year new elected Obama administration in US underlined two military option on their agenda. First one indicated to withdraw troops from Iraq, the other was to send more combat troops to Afghanistan. Withdrawing troops from Iraq schedule was based on the Statue of Forces Agreement (SOFA) which was signed between US and central Iraq governments. According to SOFA, US troops withrew from Baghdad -Iraq capital- in June 2009. US troops will totaly withraw from Iraq until December 2011.
The other US military approach was about to send more combat troops to Afghanistan. NATO operation which was started after 9/11 by UN Security Council resolution still continues in 2010. And it seems to sustain in an open ended process. In this context, US demanded combat troops from her allies include Turkey. But allies -also Turkey- rejected the offer. Why Taliban captured the social infrastructure not only in Afghanistan but also in Pakistan . Even US called the region as Afpak, it means to accept -de facto- Taliban sovereignty in both countries’ depth. Taliban is the projection of Al Queda which is the network terror organisation on the global scale.
We mean Wahabi-Selefi doctrine’s network Al Queda; it totaly rejects modernity and modern life style and found new life spheres in the different geoghraphies.
The most significant one is middle Iraq in the post US invasion process. Al Queda manipulated Sunni resistance and converted the territory as a training camp. Al Queda’s network has an intensive agenda from Afpak to middle Iraq; as well to Caucasus. Currently it has reached to Yemen with a tangible ground.
Yemen’s Al Queda is blamed related to attempt plane attack in US . It was called as Christmas Day attack in US. However there is one more struggle in Yemen between Yemen government and Iran sponsored Shia militants. Saudi Arabia and Yemen are fighting with Shia militants under US supervisory. Iran prolonges Shia influence from Persian Gulf to Gulf of Eden. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is disturbed by Southern Iraq why on the both side of Saudi-Iraq border mostly Shia population lives.
The most interesting point indicates that, even Saudi Arabia and Iran hesitated from Al Queda.
Yemen government also fight with Al Queda and Iran sponsored Shia militants. In this context Yemen is becoming a front against these forces and the country is supported by US-Saudi axis.
In 2010 Yemen is added as a new front after Afghanistan and Iraq.
We will see the outcomes of the effect in this year.



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