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Fron Deniz Tansi International:

Series of the Valley of the Wolves become a ‘decoder’ for Turkish viewers since 2003. Serie which is called by her fans as ‘valley’ completed the 7th year and reached to the international format with Valley of the Wolves Iraq. Serie applicated Ergenekon case’s PR from 2007 reluctantly. Valley of the Wolves Iraq emphasized regional peoples’ fraternity against US invasion in the context of Islamic sensitivities and Ottoman past. In spite of Ottoman approach, Turkishness was considered as a founder element. Meanwhile serie’s heroic character Polat Alemdar took the revenge from US commander who was put sacks on Turkish officers heads in Erbil.
Valley of the Wolves Gladio recently tried to show that NATO’s Cold War network which was called Gladio in Italy and Turkish branch was named as ‘counterinsurgency’ still continues. İskender Büyük character was evaluated as a composition about Turkish agents situation, why they call themselves as to serve Turkish state and nation but in fact to US and Israel.

Valley of the Wolves’ advertorial was done in Valley of the Wolves Iraq. However, serie’s producers announced that, the time is Valley of the Wolves Palestine’s turn. It seems that, the new film guaranteed viewing records. Why in the last episode of the serie, Polat Alemdar impressed Israeli consulate, killed all Israel’s security service agents and escaped his closest guy Memati Baş’s son. According the serie’s scenario, Israel didn’t condemn Turkey because of child snatching. The serie’s producers repeated their allegations from Valley of the Wolves Iraq related Israeli doctor’s organ trade. According to valley’s producers, Israeli media published these allegations.
When Polat Alemdar was killing the last Israeli agent in consulate, agents’ blood bounced to Israeli flag. After the serie’s last episode, Israel’s deputy foreign minister Ayalon summoned Turkish ambassador Oğuz Çelikkol to his room in Knesset. He has invited Israeli press to his room and told them in Hebrew, ‘look, he is sitting on the lower level from us, on the table only Israeli flag stands and we do not smile’. The behaviour was out of diplomatic kindness and was just like a child’s attitude. In fact Israeli foreign minister and leader of Israel Beytinu Party, Avigdor Lieberman damages Israel’s foreign policy not only related Turkey but also in many events and countries. But this situation is Israel’s own problem.

Losing Turkey means ‘strategic desolation’ for Israel. On the other hand, Turkish-Israeli tension started with ‘one minutes’ crisis by Turkish PM Erdoğan. In the first year of the bilateral stress, reached worse point. In October 2009 drill crisis, after serie of Farewell crisis which concern Israeli soldiers as baby killer in Gaza operation deepened the crisis. And the serie was broadcasted in state run TV. (TRT)

Despite crisis, some positive steps were observed since Republic Day of Turkey. (October 29)Israeli trade minister Ben Eliezer attended Turkish embassy’s reception in Tel Aviv. He has given messages as frankly. Ben Eliezer visited Turkey in November 2009. In December Turkish president Gül and Israeli president Peres met in Kopenhag during Climate Summit and peres repeated his invitation to Turkish president. After the summit, Turkey offcially invited Israeli defence minister and Labor Party’s
leader Ehud Barak. The invitation was scheduled for January 17, 2010. However Valley of the Wolves Ambush broke the process. Aforementioned Ayalon’s kindness risked Barak’s scheduled visiting. Ayalon considered something about the behaviour, it was not agreed by Turkey. At last, Israeli PM Netenyahu intervened into the process. And he declared that, Ayalon apologised from Turkey. Turkey will evaulate the situation. Withdraw the ambassador from Israel is among the options.
Turkish PM aware of creating popularity in the Middle East with anti Israeli discourse. He is awarded by King Faisal prize by Saudi Arabia. But it must be understood that, foreign policy can be done with benefits not emotions.

Ayalon’s inconsiderateness is the fact. But the situation must not be used an opportunity to legitimize of Neo Ottoman policies. Israel is US’ strategic partner but also Saudi Arabia is one of the partner of US. It must not be forgotten that, Turkey is member of NATO and ally of USA.

There was an interesting incidence that Lebanon PM Hariri was in Turkey during ‘lower sofa crisis’ Hariri tries to cover Hizballah’s political situation why the organization is one of the coalition partner in his cabinet. It means also to keep Iran’s nuclear position why Hizballah is Iran sponsored militant organisation. But Hariri’s bloc and Hizbalah’s bloc were competitors in Lebanon elections. Hariri is a pro western Arab leader and closer with Saudi Arabia.

Series and films can create an illusion for Turkish foreign policy an even anti Israeli discourse could build a popularity for Turkish PM.
On the other hand Jordan, Lebanon (PM), Saudi Arabia and Egypt would not applicate anti Western approaches and not beliavable.

In the conclusion, like Israel and Saudi Arabia samples, each country has a different route to connect with US. Expectation from Turkish policy to get a balance with great powers (include Russia and China) and regional powers (include Israel,Iran, Saudi Arabia). It means to have connections with all parties. Why it is different from Cold War. And also Turkey’s alliance to the West is essential with US and EU.

Through Arab countries facilitating to reach US patronage can be attractive with new Ottoman dreams for the current political spectrum in Turkey and can be gained new domestic political steps. Radical movements in Israeli cabinet can serve to the policy. But pro US Arab opening could conclude that, Turkey can be a further actor for Valley of the Wolves Iran.

New films’ most important adventure can be realized in Kurdistan Regional Government’s plato in Iraq.



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