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Innovation Timeline 24/02/2014

Posted by Aykut ARIKAN in Ar-Ge, süreç, Uncategorized, yaratıcılık, yeni ürün geliştirme, İnovasyon.

Since I have been working on the Innovation concept and Innovation Management, I used to study Innovation and its management as a process. The initial step had been the generation of an idea that eventually resulted as a realised Innovation. The process itself had to be cyclic, enabling a certain feed-back option. And voila: here is our Innovation Timeline. The Timeline is divided into three, encompassing all phases of the Innovation Process: Back-end, Core, and Front-end Innovation. All phases have their scholarly equivalent counterparts, covering all steps of the Timeline.

I would like to express my special thanks to Mrs. Gabriela O. EVREN and Mrs. Ufuk ÖZGÜL for their long hours spent in discussing Innovation related issues thoroughly, and of course Mrs. Şebnem GÜRSOY ULUSOY, for her kind assistance in sketching out the document. I would also like to express my sincere appreciations to all my graduate students (current and previous) of the Knowledge & Innovation Management track, who gave me a variety of inspirations that provoked some fresh ideas during the development of the Timeline.

Your’re all doing a great job folks!

Here is the PDF file for downloading (version 1.1):Innovation Timeline



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